Sourcing Antibiotics for Culture Media

Jorge L. Galazzo jlg at
Wed Aug 2 10:10:29 EST 1995

For microorganism produced antibiotics, and if you know the producer organism
How about adquiring the strain and producing some in your lab. I know it is
a lot of work, but if you don't want to spend big bucks or compromise your
research results, this might be the only way out.

Jorge Galazzo
jlg at

In article <950801$224459$9323carsonj at>,
Jeremy Carson  <carsonj at> wrote:
>I am in the process of developing enrichment culure media for several bacterial
>fish pathogens. I have been able to source common antibiotics available through
>chemical suppliers such as Sigma and ICN but I would also like to test more
>unusual antibiotics.
>I have contacted some pharmaceutical companies but the responses make
>acquisition of any antibiotics very prohibitive, mostly because of the legal
>requirements regarding ownership of research findings. One company said they
>would supply 1g of antibiotic on condition that they had sole rights to all the
>intellectual property arising from the project!
>Does anyone have any advice on how or where to obtain less common or
>non-generic antibiotics in a simple, straightforward way?

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