Volunteers Wanted for Development Project

Clark Forden cforden at igc.apc.org
Sat Aug 5 13:37:01 EST 1995

From: "Clark Forden" <cforden>
Subject:       Volunteers Wanted for Development Project

Researchers/Volunteers Wanted

A socially active, spiritually dedicated organisation based in the
developing world is looking for people with scientific, educational
and practical background to work and develop a research and
scientific training structure for developing countries. 

The scope of the project ranges from basic science & technological
education to leading-edge research in new science that could be
considered "new age" or "alternative".  

We are looking for genuine pioneers from any background, ethnicity,
race or nationality with moral commitment and sacrificing spirit.  

Reply by email to dhruva at prout.org or by snail mail to: 
Mr. D. Dhruva 
Proutist Universal, Inc. 
P.O. Box 56466 
Washington DC 20040 USA

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