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Thu Aug 3 07:03:25 EST 1995

CO>After spending some time in the pursuit of a PhD. in Microbiology I have
CO>become dissillusioned. Recent media reports, observation of peers trying
CO>to obtain jobs, and the lack of job opportunities posted in 'help wanted'
CO>sections of journals and newspapers have led me to the conclusion that
CO>PhDs' are simply not wanted in the job market. Based on the 'help wanted'
CO>sections of local newspapers (D.C. area, NIH area, Montgomery County, Md.
CO>'technology corridor') it appears that there is greater demand for biologica
CO>technicians and other types of 'support staff' vs actual 'research staff'.
CO>I am considering forsaking the pursuit of the PhD degree. Instead I
CO>intead to pursue research in the biological sciences via a different route:
CO>that of working as a technician in a biolgical laboratory and, through
CO>time and experience, work my way into doing original research under the
CO>private investigator for which I work.

CO>My bottom line question is: have any of the readers browsing through this
CO>post pursued a similar line of action and (please) what advice would
CO>you give to a person contemplating actions such as mine?

CO>                                 In advance, thank you,
CO>                                 Christopher Coker
CO>                                 PhD Candidate, MIcrobiology.


You have to do what is best for you, but without the PhD you will be in
the position of 'support staff' for the rest of your career.  On the
other hand, if you really don't want the PhD then the years you spend in
school are a stressful waste of time for you and your advisor!

Good Luck.

Scott Sutton

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