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On Mon, 7 Aug 1995, David A. Mullin wrote:
>         Just for your information, it is not uncommon for people (like
> janitors, surgeons, nurses, lab personnel, and administrators) to become
> asymptomatic SA carriers (I thought everyone knew this).

They do (or at least I do), but you miss my point. Why should we be
concerned if someone is a carrier of MRSA as opposed to MSSA? If the
former infects a patient with MRSA, we will treat with vanc. If the later
infects a patient with MSSA we will also treat with vanc, usually even
(sadly) after the susceptibility report comes back. Looking for MRSA was
important when the percentage was small and ox could still be used as
emperic therapy. This is no longer true. It was also an issue when vanco
was a more problematic therapy, which it no longer is. 

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