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Tue Aug 8 13:20:26 EST 1995

Microbiology has a new domain on the Web.  The American Society for 
Microbiology (ASM) Homepage premiered on the World Wide Web August 1 at
	Designed as a comprehensive, easy to navigate, information source 
on the microbiological sciences, the ASM homepage will appeal to everyone 
>From scientists to the lay public.  The multimedia environment contains 
information and activities useful to ASM Members, other scientists and 
the general public:

*	Financial aid:  Information on scholarships, fellowships and 
	travel grants online.
*	Downloadable forms will allow users to do everything from joining 
	the Society and ordering publications to searching for a job in 
*	Keep up to date on the latest research being published in the 
	Society's 11 peer-reviewed journals with tables of contents 
	online.  Also online:  press releases, meeting programs, position 
	statements and congressional testimony on key issues affecting 
*	Lots of links connect users to a wealth of information on the 
	microbiological sciences including universities, government 
	agencies, newsgroups, electronic journals and the latest search 
	engines for the web. 	

	Work has already begun on a future ftp site of Society documents 
as well as inline forms and credit card transactions.
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	The American Society for Microbiology, headquartered in 
Washington, D.C., is the oldest and largest single biological membership 
organization, with nearly 40,000 members worldwide.

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