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Tue Aug 8 15:04:00 EST 1995

RJ> Why is anyone really concerned anymore about MRSA? MRSA infection
RJ> rates are so high that anyone who empirically treats with oxacillin
RJ> or a ceph

That is a pure result of inappropriate use of antibiotics. Your 
statistiscs may be true in your area, but not everywhere. I Denmark the 
current prevalence of MRSA is 0.3%, most strains is directly imported 
via patients transferred from hospitals in southern Europe or USA. So 
far we have been able to contain these imported strains.

We have a rather strict use of antibiotics, partly because we as a 
result of too much use of tetracycline had a world record of MRSA in the 
seventies (the prevalence was 25% if I remember right).

The answer to problems with resistent strains is not more, or newer 
antibiotics, but a restrictive approach.

Coincidently, to me it also agrees with common sense (you know Darwin 
and all that).

Hans Erik Busk
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