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HANS BUSK hans.busk at
Tue Aug 8 15:04:00 EST 1995

JD> if a surgeon has staph. aureus in her/his nose without signs of
JD> illness and without evidence of increased infection rate in his/her
JD> patients, should he/she then have local antibiotic therapy? thanks
JD> in advance   dr.jens darup  bremen germany

I really can't find any reason for spoiling the poor doctors normal 
flora, just to satisfy a lab test.
A lot of people have Staph aureus in their noses, axillae, groin or 
whereever. It is part af their natural flora. A few people have a 
tendency to disseminate the bacteria to their surroundings, possibly 
causing infections, but in most cases it will not be a hazard.

Never disturb our good friends (microorganisms) witout a good reason.

Somewhere in the bible there is a story about expelling a ghost from a 
house, only to find that seven evil ghosts found the house empty and 
moved in! 

Hans Erik Busk

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