Weil's Disease

David MacHugh dmachugh at mail.tcd.ie
Thu Aug 10 11:36:08 EST 1995


I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who works in an environment where
there is a risk of contact with the causative organism for Weil's disease
-Spirochaeta icterohaemorrhagiae (I think that's the scientific name).
Recently a new product has become available which is basically a 70%
alcohol (35% ethanol/35% methanol) solution maintained in a gel matrix
which can be applied to the hands etc. It is intended that the user apply
this as soon as possible after he/she thinks that they may have come into
contact with biohazardous material(in the case of Weils's disease rats'
urine). According to the manufacturers, this should provide effective and
complete disinfection against Weil's disease and other pathogens (HEP A

Basically, does anyone who has experience of working with the type of
organism responsible for Weils disease think that a 70% alcohol solution
applied in this manner would provide an adequate degree of protection,
post-exposure to the organism?

Sorry about going to the newsgroup but I'm not a microbiologist, only a
geneticist ;-)

If anyone replies, could they e-mail me as I don't normally read this group.

Thanks in advance.

David MacHugh,
Genetics Department,
Trinity College,
Dublin 2.
E-mail: dmachugh at mail.tcd.ie

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