GRANT AVAILABLE - Strain Improvement and/or Fermentation Process Improvement ( Fungal Systems )

CPN INTt cpnintt at
Sat Aug 12 14:41:49 EST 1995

We are looking to find individuals and or companies to work on one of our
proprietary strains.  We are looking to improve a wild type organism which
produces cellulase

You must have experience working with fungal systems and preferably with
cellulase producing organisms in the past.  It is our goal to accomplish
the following;

Change the organism so that it will grow at large scale ( 150 CM3)  on low
cost substrates ( Ie: glucose, lactose, sucrose, etc....  The organism now
grows up in nature on cellulose.  We will want to derepress the organism
as part of this strain development program.

We will want to select mutants and fermentation process conditions so that
we produce more of the specific activities we are looking for so that when
we increase the protein levels which we obtain at the end of the
fermentation process we not only obtain higher levels of protein but
higher levels of more active  specific protein!

If you think that you have the expertise to work on this type of program
please contact me directly at Tel #  1-407-743-1081 or fax # 
1-407-743-8343 or send me a private E. Mail to me.



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