The Microbiology BBS

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Sun Aug 13 10:19:25 EST 1995

A brief note on the BBS for those who may not be aware of its
availability.  Thanks for your indulgence.

                            THE MICROBIOLOGY BBS

An electronic bulletin board specifically aimed at the concerns
of the professional microbiologist is now available.  The
Microbiology BBS is online at 817-557-0330.

The goal of this service is to provide quality, timely information
and communication in the biological and healthcare arenas.  All
relevant Internet newsgroups and BBS echoes are provided.
File areas include Infectious Disease, HIV/AIDS, Microbiology,
Biostatistics, Biology, Molecular Biology, and many others.

Email information on this service may be requested  from
the online information server.  The subject of the request is
INFO, and the message text blank.

Address request to:
            Internet:  info at
             FidoNet:  info at 1:130/415

The Microbiology BBS                                          817-557-0330 (USA)
      Dedicated to the biologist in industry, academics, and health care.
Providing specialized file collections, and network communication on AegisNet,
 Internet (, FidoNet (1:130/415), HealthCare Net (60:6220/1).

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