Molecular biologist lab tech Job at CDC

Dr. Dr.
Mon Aug 14 14:53:12 EST 1995

We are looking for a molecular biologist to fill a position for 2 years 
at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia to 
assist in our studies on the molecular pathogenesis of tuberculosis and 
other mycobacterial diseases in man. Prefer candadites with experience in
manual and/or automated sequenceing and willing to learn tissue culture 
techniques.  Will not require research on live M. tuberculosis and thus 
experience in biosafey level 3 lab will not be needed.

Applicants with a B.S.and/or M.S. will be considered.  Salary range of
$21,000-$28,000 U.S., based on experience.

CDC is a great place to work and is in the city of the 1996 Olympics!

Please E-mail CV to:

Dr. C. Harold King at: chk3 at 

or Fax to 404-639-1287.

C. Harold King, PhD
Scientist, USPHS

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