pH optimum for bacterial growth

Stephen Mamber mamber at
Tue Aug 15 11:09:10 EST 1995

In article <40pk6o$btk at>, Lesley Robertson <L.A.Robertson at> says:
>It really depends on the pH you want to achieve. We handle bacteria with 
>pH optima at 2 and others at 10.5 - VERY different buffers required. 

I agree with this.  I should have noted in my last reply that the
working range of Good buffers is pH 5.5-11.  Obviously, they are
useless in more acidic conditions.  It was my understanding that 
these buffers are zwitterionic, which (I thought) means that they
have the ability to act as either acids or bases.  If that is true,
what governs their tendency to have mostly neutral or alkaline pKa's?


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