pH optimum for bacterial growth

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Tue Aug 15 10:58:36 EST 1995

In article <199508141733.NAA22549 at>, kafkwtz at ANDROMEDA.RUTGERS.EDU (David Kafkewitz) says:
>Good  buffers are a good choice only if the bacteria do not degrade them.
>They are a bad choice, in my opinion, for enrichment cultures, since you may
>enrich for buffer degraders.  Sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate, are a
>better choice.  The carbon dioxide buffer system is more ecologically
>correct than most other buffers.

You may be right, but I have had certain situations in performing 
biological assays where sodium and potassium buffers were relatively
useless.  In these situations, I have switched to Good buffers, such as 
Tris and MES, with a noticeable improvement in buffering capacity/
resistance to adverse pH changes during growth.  I think that the use
of Good buffers for microbiological purposes deserves further study.


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