pH optimum for bacterial growth

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>>You have to watch the ionic strength of KPhos buffere since some bugs 
>>have problems with high PO4 directly or because of the effect on Ca
>>A better choice is often one of the Good buffers like MOPS

>I second the choice of a Good buffer - vastly underutilized in

Yeah I too would go with the Good buffers. I use MOPS and MES for buffering, 
at high and low pH, cultures of a yeast that strongly acidifies its medium.

However, I would be interested to hear what concentrations of buffer people 
use. About 50 mM is quite typical in many publications but I find this conc. 
quite useless.I have to go as high as 0.3M to get good pH control but then 
worry about what other effects this conc. might have on the culture.

Any thoughts?

David Glover.

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