limits to bacterial heat resistance?

Candace Krepel ckrepel at
Thu Aug 17 09:57:44 EST 1995

Chris Michiels (chris.michiels at wrote:
: How heat resistant can I make an E. coli (or other bacterial) culture by 
: consecutive rounds of selection, i.e. regrowing survivors of a partial 
: heat kill?
: What about bacterial spores? Can their heat resistance be boosted? 
: What is the probability and the risk of such selections taking place 
: during (mild) thermal food processing, and of more heat resistant 
: pathogens entering the food chain? Or would such variants necessarily be 
: cripple and have attenuated virulence?

Sounds like a good research project, Chris.  We'll look forward to reading
your paper.

Candy Krepel
Surgical Microbiology Research Lab, Medical College of Wisconsin
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