pH optimum for bacterial growth

Peter Herman herman at
Fri Aug 18 02:45:54 EST 1995

Well, I never cease to be amazed how a seemingly simple question always 
turns out to be complex!  As I always tell my Microbial Ecology class, 
the technique choose depends on a series of factors.

1.	What exactly is your question

2.	(really a function of #1) What biases are you willing to 
	introduce and which ones will spoil your experiment

3.	What is practical in terms of cost, equipment use, staff 
	allocation etc.

4.	What are the biological attributes of the organisms in question. 
	(will they be inhibited by or utilize particular substances)

	By balancing all the above, you can come up with the "best" 
solution to the design problem. Or perhaps, if not the best, the least bad
solution, since anything you choose represents some sort of compromise! 

	The original poster just asked what one could use to control pH.  
All of us who responded made some assumptions about points 1 & 4 and 
answered based on them.

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