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Fri Aug 18 13:21:57 EST 1995

Increasingly, my colleaguesand I are being asked to present wide ranging 
talks on many aspects of health-related water microbiology.  Being 
located in the "affluent" ?developed world all I seem to be able to lay 
my hands on are fairly indifferent slides of sewage works, water works, 
some viruses and bacteria and a few protozoan parasites.  What I need to 
know is whether (a) there is/are commercial suppliers of transparencies 
or (b) kind hearted folk who have duplicates or slides for loan that can 
be copied and returned for a nominal (if any) fee.

I am interested in all areas including the following:

1. Scenic views of third world water-related projects/problems e.g. open 
sewers in south America, flooding in Bangladesh, drought conditions etc

2. Low-level technology in developing countries e.g. hand-pumps, 
latrines, lagoons etc

3. Good photographs of any water-borne pathogens e.g. E coli 0157, Vibrio 
cholerae, Salmonella, Strongyloides as well as those where water is an 
integral part of the life cycle of parasites e.g. malaria, guinea worm, 
onchocerciasis (in these cases photos of the vectors would be useful!) - 
the bugs themselves and any culture characteristics e.g. cpe, colony 

4. Closer to home are there any sources of pictures of the commoner water 
and wastewater treatment processes, rivers receiving sewage, sea 
discharge, recreational use of waters etc?

Any information would be gratefully received - as would any offers of 

The idea is to build up a library of slides for use by a small group of 
public health scientists in the UK so that the next generation know more 
about waterborne disase than just how to do PCR!

Many thanks in anticipation!

Dr Ray Morris
142 Hinckley Road, Barwell, Leicestershire LE9 8DN, United Kingdom
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