Call for Materials - Biofilms

achang at Amy
Mon Aug 21 08:43:25 EST 1995


Materials which demonstrate the diversity of microbial communities 
are needed for a new resource, the Biofilm Project,  sponsored by 
the American Society for Microbiology.    The resource, a database 
of digitized images on the topic biofilms,  may be used for instruction 
and communications in environmental, industrial, and medical education.  

Materials which illustrate the diversity of the microbial communities 
around surfaces (biofilms) are needed.  All materials must be original
 works and will be subject to peer review for inclusion in the data base. 
Examples of materials which will be reviewed are archival images,
electron micrographs, photographic images, animations, drawings, 
audio clippings, video clippings, and other text materials.   The following 
formats for submitting materials will be accepted:

2"x 2" slides
8" x 10" photographs
30 second video or audio clipping
Digitized audio, video, images, graphs, etc. 

Materials submitted and accepted will be transferred to digital format
for inclusion in the data base.  

All submissions must be original works or copyright free. 
Contributors must be willing to transfer copyright ownership to the 
American Society for Microbiology.   Materials which have been published 
by ASM and for which ASM holds copyright will be considered.  

All submissions must be accompanied by a short legend or caption, 
limited to 75 words, describing what the image represents, how the 
image was acquired, where it was taken from, and  how it can be used.  
All authors will be acknowledged for each image.  The final date for 
submission of materials is November 15, 1995.  

Please send submissions to Amy Chang in the Office of Education
and Training, American Society for Microbiology 1325 Massachusetts Ave. NW, 
Washington, DC 20005.  For more information, send an email to 
achang at, or call 202-942- 9264.

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