Marine Micro...Career Possibilities

JNeway1 jneway1 at
Mon Aug 21 11:08:21 EST 1995


Have you considered joining the Society for Industrial Microbiology (SIM)?
 The rates for student membership are very low and it's a good way to
start networking for future job possibilities in the area, especially
Biotech.  If you send me your address, phone and FAX, I'll send you an
information package.

Another possibility would be to try contacting Rita Colwell.  She is a
member of SIM and head of the Maryland Biotechnology Institue.  She is
world famous for her work in the area of Marine Microbiology.  Her address

  Dr. Rita R. Colwell
  University of Maryland
  Maryland Biotech. Inst. #1123
  College Park, MD  20742
  (301) 405-5189

Good luck,

Justin Neway

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