Call for Scientists in the Classroom

achang at Amy
Mon Aug 21 09:08:47 EST 1995


The American Society for Microbiology is committed to 
science education and literacy.  In an effort to promote
 this commitment, we are seeking individuals who want to
 work with teachers and students in a mentoring relationship.
 Anyone interested in participating can join the Science
 Education Network (SEN).  The Network is maintained by
the ASM Office of Education and Training.  The Network 
provides a matching service for classroom teachers and 
students and scientists.  For instance, teachers requesting 
speakers for career fairs and judges for science fairs can 
contact the Network for a referral.  Students who want 
specific information or resources for science projects can 
also contact the Network.  

If you are interested in lending your expertise and resources
in science education and outreach, contact SEN, Office of 
Education and Training, American Society for Microbiology, 
1325 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20005-4171.  
An orientation letter and form used to identify your interest will 
be sent to you.  

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