Microbiology Lab in Kenya

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=I'll be going soon to work in a hospital in central Kenya. They are 
=looking to start doing some basic blood/urine/sputum cultures in 
=their lab there. They have not done so previously because of lack of
=personnel. That problem solved, now they are wanting to find the 
=minimum materials needed, and at the least cost, otherwise they will
=still be unable to do it.
=I am interested in any experience/opinions/advice available so that 
=this undertaking may be successful. 
=Dan Ricks, MD


there are several orgs that specialize in development that have lots in 
starting up lab with minimal staff\funding\materials.....

AT (appropriate technology - out of Stanford)\

and a whole lot more... If you need the above addresses email me and will 
look up.

The Hesperian Foundatio (box 1692 Palo Alto, CA 94302) have a number of good 
rural health books specifically designed for developing countries

tom c.

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