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Wed Aug 23 03:53:06 EST 1995

Zongmin Zhou <c516565 at> wrote:

>	Does anyone know:
>	Who was the first one classified Escherichia coli as a species?
>and if you have to mention that ".... E. coli cell...." only once in 
>your paper, how do you put that great guy's name after E. coli for the 
>reason authority.
>	You know, it is requried that you put the scientific name and authority 
>when you mention a species first time in the paper. However, nowdays, 
>most people just don't do that for those popular species, such as human 
>and E. coli.
>Thanks in advance.

Head down to your University Library and have a look at volume 3 of the 
Prokaryotes (Balows et al, editors). There's a discussion of the history 
of E. coli. These days, it is regarded as sufficient (except in special 
circumstances: e.g. taxonomic papers, relatively unknown species, or if 
you're dealing with an unusual strain of a well-known species) to refer 
to Bergey's Manual, the Prokaryotes, or a culture collection number.
Incidently, it was known under another name for a while, before being 
renamed after Escherich.

Lesley Robertson
Kluyver Laboratory, Delft University of Technology.

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