Call for Materials - Microbiological Slides and Transparencies

achang at Amy
Wed Aug 23 11:08:05 EST 1995


The American Society of Microbiology's Office of Public Communications 
is developing a "Microbial Mug Shots" section for the Home Page 
( to help fulfill frequent requests for pictures 
of microorganisms. We are looking for color slides or transparencies of 
fairly common or otherwise interesting microorganisms, with only a single 
species per frame, the higher the magnification the better. All submission 
must be original and free of copyright restrictions except for ASM copyright. 
They will become the property of ASM, and none can be returned. Those 
whose shots are used will be credited as the photo source on the Home Page.
 Please send your submissions to Barbara Hyde, Office of Public Communications,
 ASM, 1325 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20005-4171.

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