Cyanine fluorescent dyes for life science research

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Wed Aug 23 09:00:40 EST 1995

Amersham Life Science now carries a line of multicolor fluorescent
reagents and directly labeled biologicals for the use in immunoassays,
confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, FISH, etc.  These products are tagged
with the Cyanine dyes, which are highly fluorescent, highly photostable,
pH insensitive and water soluble fluorescent molecules. 

Amersham's current line of Cyanine reagents includes, Protein/Oligo
labeling kits, labeled secondary antibodies, labeled Avidin and
Streptavidin, labeled deoxynucleotides, Nick Translation labeling kits,
Centromeric chromosome probes, Whole Chromosome Paints, and 5-Packs and
bulk reactive dye.

The colors available are Cy2 (green), Cy3 (orange), Cy3.5 (scarlet), Cy5
(far-red), Cy5.5 (near infrared) and soon to come Cy7 (near infrared).

For more information, please contact Gerald Schiller at Biological
Detection Systems/Amersham Life Science at 800-826-7001 ext. 218 or by
E-mail at Schiller01 at

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