Malodorous Sneaker Solution?

Trale trale at
Thu Aug 24 10:00:41 EST 1995

Does anyone have any suggestions for rendering foul smelling sneakers
agreeable?  I have tried spraying them with high concentrations of
cationic surfactants, chorinated hyrdocarbon solvents, a raft of
commercial recipes, and adsorbent materials like activated charcoal,
baking soda, and fumed silica.

The sneakers (Nike) will not survive a wash cycle and hand washing has not
corrected the problem.

I remember reading that Dow Corning has some type of coating incorporating
an antibacterial/fungal chemical backbone, but have never seen it on the
commercial market.

At 60-70 bucks a pair, any (non flammable) suggestions gratefully
accepted.  Thanks.

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