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Thu Aug 24 17:15:24 EST 1995

cawhit at (CAWHIT) wrote:
>     I've always found marine microbiology to be very interesting, even
>though I have not had any formal training in the subject.  Although I'm
>currently working on my PhD in the area of bacterial pathogenesis, I would
>be interested in learning more about and possibly pursuing a career in
>marine microbiology.

Another source to check out, and one which a lot of potential postdocs don't know about, are National Research Council Fellowships, specifically those sponsored by NOAA (which includes the National Marine Fisheries Service).  I think you can get the latest book listing the available Resident Research Associateships by writing to

National Research Council
Associateship Programs (GR430)
2101 Constitution Ave, NW
Washington, DC  20418

NMFS has several regional research centers, some of which have microbiological and marine biotoxin research groups.  Of course I'll be one to tell you to think strongly about combining your pathogenesis background with marine microbiology.  There are many important problems involving both human pathogens (found in various seafood products) and pathogens of fish and mammals. That's what we do here! (

Good luck.

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