HELP with an Honours project(DNA/MAbs???)

Matthew Bransden mbransde at
Fri Aug 25 01:51:32 EST 1995

I am aspiring to undertake an Honours project at the beginning of next
year.  What i hope(??) to do (as i am an aquaculture student), is
incorporate fish diseases(bacterial), and the use of PCR amplification, or
MAbs, or SOMETHING!!! Im not really quite sure what...a lot of people have
used them for quick and accurate identification tests, etc, and i was
thinking along these lines but it has been pretty well exhausted.  So, i
am really at a crossroads as to what to do, i want to get started now so i
can get some literature on the subject, etc.

The resources that i have available to me include: PCR machine, ELISA, Gel
electrophoresis, Epiflourescence, Equipped Microbiology department, etc,
and also unlimited fish (subject to an ethics committee) both at the
university  aquaculture centre, and within the state.

The project is for one year, and cannot be too complex, but at least a bit

Overall i want to involve fish, bacterial diseaes, and genetics.  CAN

Thanks in advance, Matt.

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