Phytoremediation Symposium

Todd A Anderson etox at
Fri Aug 25 21:52:41 EST 1995

A symposium on the use of plants in the cleanup of soils and waters
contaminated by metals, organics, etc. will be held in Orlando, FL
(August 96).  Topics will include the use of rhizosphere microorganisms
for accelerating the degradation of unwnated organic compounds.  The 
symposium is being sponsored by the American Chemical Society.
Researchers interested in participating in the symposium
should contact the organizer, Ellen Kruger, at the following address:

        Telephone:  515-294-9823
        Fax:  515-294-9823
        eMail: ekruger at

        Pesticide Toxicology Lab
        Iowa State University
        Insectary Building
        Ames, IA  50011-3140

Todd Anderson
Pesticide Toxicology Laboratory
Iowa State University
etox at

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