species specific bacterial probes(DNA, Monoclonal antibody)

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>Do you know a laboratory that is doing PCR with universal bacterial
>primers on blood?  We have a novel pathogen in a patients prostate and
>want to see if we can isolate it from the blood.
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When I looked for universal (16S rRNA genes) PCR methods for 
environmental analysis I came across Prof. E. C. Boettger from
Medical Microbiology in Hannover, Germany, Fax: +49-511-532 4366.
You may want to look at a paper J. Clin. Microbiol. 31 (1993) 
646-652.Elimination of Contaminating DNA within Polymerase 
Chain Reaction Reagents: Implications for a General Approach 
to Detection of Unculatured Pathogens.

Hope this helps
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