media for g. pos. in human feces

Jeremy Carson carsonj at
Sun Aug 27 06:57:13 EST 1995

dataq at (Devra Aaronson) wrote:
 >I'm looking for information on obtaining iether Eggerth Ganon Agar (EG), 
 >PMS (Peptococcaceae and Meggasphera Selective) or PS (Peptrostreptococcaceae 
 >Selectie) supplement solution, or any other culture medium for isolating gram 
 >positive acteria from human feces.  Or a list of ingredients to prepare such a 
 >medium.  Thanks in advance
Have you considered using Oxoid's (Oxoid Ltd, Basingstoke, England)
Streptococcus selective agar? I have found this a good medium for this group of
bacteria particularly where mixed flora are concerned such as beta haemolytic
streps from otitis media and otitis externa in dogs. I've not tried it with
faeces but it might be worth a try. Have a look at BBL's selective enrichment
for streptococci called "Streptosel". I've used this with river sediments for
isolatibf streps and seemed to work well.
Jeremy Carson

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