NEW PUBLICATION: Molecular Microbial Ecology Manual

Wed Aug 30 04:56:43 EST 1995

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This is an announcement of a new publication by Kluwer Academic 

                   Molecular Microbial Ecology Manual 
edited by 
A.D.L. Akkermans (Dept. of Microbiology, Agricultural Univ. of 
Wageningen, the Netherlands), J.D. van Elsas (IPO-DLO, Wageningen, the 
Netherlands), F.J. de Bruijn (MSU-DOE Plant Research Lab, Michigan State 
Univ., USA)

Information on the 'Molecular Microbial Ecology Manual' and the table of 
contents can be obtained from the following sites:

- gopher:
- www:  gopher://[looselea]32501036.txt

Information can also be obtained via:

E-mail from North America: kluwer at 
E-mail from Rest of World: services at

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