Sources of subtilin, producers

grenwick grenwick at IUSMAIL.IUS.INDIANA.EDU
Wed Aug 30 11:07:09 EST 1995

               A high school science student has asked me for
          information regarding subtilin and nisin which I am unable
          to give her myself, so I will ask the net.

               Her science fair project last year concerned the use of
          nisin in milk preservation (she was a finalist at the ISEF).
          This year she has expanded her project to include the
          examination of subtilin, an antibiotic with similar effects.
          She needs to know where she can obtain a source of subtilin,
          and also where she can obtain the specific strains of
          STREPTOCOCCUS LACTIS that produce nisin and BACILLUS
          SUBTILIS that produce subtilin.

               Thanks for any help you can give me (her).

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