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Lesley Robertson L.A.Robertson at stm.tudelft.nl
Thu Aug 31 03:39:00 EST 1995

bka at po.CWRU.Edu (Benjamin K. Asher) wrote:
>Would apppreciate any comments from users concerning experience with
>different manufacturers of fermentation equipment.  In particular, a
>comparison of reliability, ease of use and service response of equipment
>from New Brunswick Scientific, B. Braun, and Applikon in 10 to 50 liter
>size fermentors.  Also, any comments on software packages for fermentation
>control systems either from equipment manufacturers or of those purchased

We've been using Applikon extensively for at leat 10 years to grow the 
whole range of cultures (bacteria from pH 1.5 to 10.5, aeroic & 
anaerobic; yeasts, fungi, mixed cultures) in stirred reactors, airlifts 
and fluidized beds. We've had few problems, and Applikon were very good 
when troubles did arise (e.g. acidophilic thiobacilli eat stainless steel 
for breakfast - they provided poly-carbonate baffles). Of course, their 
main office is just down the road from us, which might help as far as 
service is concerned - I can't speak for their N.American operation. 
Their Biowatch software is very good - we use for all activites from 1st 
year fermentation pracs to research.

Dr. Lesley A. Robertson
Kluyver Laboratory for Biotechnology
Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
L.A.Robertson at stm.tudelft.nl

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