Fermentation equipment

Mary Weiss weiss at DNAX.ORG
Thu Aug 31 13:23:42 EST 1995

bka at po.CWRU.Edu (Benjamin K. Asher) wrote:
>Would apppreciate any comments from users concerning experience with
>different manufacturers of fermentation equipment.  In particular, a
>comparison of reliability, ease of use and service response of equipment
>from New Brunswick Scientific, B. Braun, and Applikon in 10 to 50 liter
>size fermentors.  Also, any comments on software packages for fermentation
>control systems either from equipment manufacturers or of those purchased

Most of the work I have done is bacterial work although I have also done
yeast, insect and mammalian cells- all in stirred tank vessels.  I have used
various fermentors over the years, mostly New Brunswick and now B. Braun.  The
old (greater than 15 years) New Brunswick equiptment was very good as far as
reliability and pretty good for ease of use.  About eight years ago I got some
new New Brunswick and I was not impressed.  The reliability was not great and
at that time and place the service response was not good.  I hear their newer
equiptment is much better but I haven't tried it.  Now I am using B. Braun and
and am happy with it.  It is very easy to use and the reliability is good. 
The service response is good although that may be due to getting a service
contract with them.  I use their MFCS software although I use it mainly for
data logging because it is so easy to control from the DCU(direct control

I would like to add a note about service response.  That will always be
variable dependant on the location of the equiptment and the service rep.  If
the service rep is nearby you'll probably get much better service than if they
have to travel a long ways.  There is also the factor of turnover in service
reps.  Just like in other areas there are good and bad service reps.

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