Total Coliform/Fecal Coliform Ratio

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>>Subject: Total Coliform/Fecal Coliform Ratio
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>>I have heard the premise that a Total Coliform/Fecal Coliform ratio of
>>4 or less in drinking water, recreational waters etc.,  usually
>>indicates sewage pollution.  
>A ratio of greater than 4 usually indicates some type of human pollution.  
>Below 4 indicates a mixed organic impact.  A ratio of around 1.0 indicates 
>animal feces. 

I think you mean FC/FS for fecal coliform/fecal streptococcus.  
This was based on an observation that animal feces appeared to
contain more FS than FC. Check the older editions of Standard Methods 
as suggested by Rice.

All TC vs FC will tell you is if the coliforms in question are of
fecal origin (i.e., E. coli) or of environmental origin (i.e., 
Klebsiella or Enterobacter).  There's no 'ratio' involved here.


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