QC parameters in diagnostic microbiology

"Miller, J. Michael PhD ", Mike JMM8 at CIDHIP1.EM.CDC.GOV
Thu Feb 2 12:06:16 EST 1995

Many of us would like to see unnecessary quality control procedures in 
diagnostic microbiology either reduced in frequency or altered to reflect the 
true needs of the test.  The currently recommended frequencies were not based 
on scientific evidence but, instead, were introduced as interim measures 
until a more sound approach was presented.  Unfortunately, one was never 
presented.  To facilitate this process of change, if you are inclined to do 
so, could you look back over your QC records as far back as you deem 
necessary and complete the following information and forward to me at:
               JMM8 at CIDHIP1.EM.CDC.GOV

               Catalase  Oxidase  indole  Gram stain  Coagulase  Antisera

No. lots tested

No. failures
per brand name

Your prompt input will have an important impact on some impending decisions. 

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