Microbial diagnostic kits

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*Subject: Microbial diagnostic kits
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*We are doing some work with different isolates of Pseudomonads, some of
*which we know what they are and some we don't. I would like to put in 
*place some simple diagnostic system to verify which strains we are
*working on. I don't really care that I find out precisely what they
*are, but I want to be able to unambiguously distinguish between a few
*strains on a repeatable basis. In other words we are doing some
*genetics and transferring plasmids between strains and I want to be
*sure that my putative strain from a cross is really a new exconjugant
*and not a contaminant or revertant. There are no useful phenotypes in
*hand (except on the plasmid). 
*Are there some diagnostic strips or microtiter dish systems that I can
*utilize that have lots of different tests so that I most likely can
*distinguish between these strains. 
*Suggestions or pointers would be quite welcome.
*Michael Benedik               benedik at uh.edu
*Biochemical Sciences
*University of Houston
*Houston, TX 77204-5934

Barry Lifland - Stanford Univ.,  Dept. Comparative Medicine
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You could use "BIOLOG", a 95 test system in a 96 well plate. It works
reasonably well for our I.D.'s.
 BIOLOG , Hayward, CA (510)785-2591 Sales; 785-2585 Technical.

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