ASM email

Paul Dardel paul at
Sat Feb 4 07:30:07 EST 1995

Thanks for your numerous  answers.
The most complete answer I got is from David Groves, and here it is :

geninfo at
subscription at
membership at
traininginformation at  <workshops and audioconferences>
Fellowships-CareerInformation at
educationresources at
meetingsinfo at
exhibitsinfo at <for exhibitors at ASM meetings>
editorialservices at <journal editorial information>
communications at  <press, media inquiries>
academy at <fellowship in the American Academy of Microbiology,
colloquia, awards, Post doctoral training programs>
certification at < info on the National Registry of Microbiologists,
                           American Board of Medical Microbiology, 
                           American Board of Medical Laboratory Immunology>
publicaffairs at
executivedirector at
books at  <author and editor inquiries only, orders call


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