C difficile testing

Kathryn S. Black ksblack at detroit.freenet.org
Mon Feb 6 19:07:52 EST 1995

I am looking for recommendations concerning C difficile testing.
In our 300-bed community hospital, we perform the Vidas EIA method.
We also offer C difficile cultures on a send-out basis for those
physicians who request it.  (Our reference lab also offers cell culture 
assay, but we get few requests for it.)  A consulting firm has recommended
that, in the interest of cost-cutting, we discontinue offering the 
C difficile culture because the EIA method alone is sufficient.  I'm
interested in finding out what other institutions are doing.  Any
responses would be appreciated.
Kate Black
ksblack at detroit.freenet.org
rcblack at oeonline.com
73241.53 at compuserve.com

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