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Wed Feb 8 09:57:24 EST 1995

News from the American Society for Microbiology (ASM)
Office of Education and Training:

Undergraduate Microbiology Curriculum

ASM would like your opinion on a proposed document entitled, 
"Undergraduate Microbiology Curriculum Recommendations". 
The document attempts to define the common ground that all
microbiologists share.  Each year many educators contact ASM
to ascertain that the content of standard offerings in microbiology
at the undergraduate level is representative of the discipline
at large.   Thus, the ASM Board of Education and Training has 
initiated a study to identify the content of standard offerings.

The document is the result of approximately 80 participants working 
at the first Undergraduate Microbiology Conference which was held 
in conjunction with the 1994 General Meeting in Las Vegas.  
A copy of the report was published in the September 1994 issues 
of the ASM News (page 460).

Undergraduate Microbiology Conference

The next step to the initial work conducted at the 1994 undergraduate
conference is to identify innovative approaches to teaching and assessing 
students in areas described in the curriculum recommendations.  As a result, a
second conference in planned in conjunction with the 1995 General Meeting
in Washington, DC.  For more information about the 1995 Conference, see 
insert following page 26 in the January 1995 issue of the ASM News or send 
an email to dboyd at or call 202.942.9299.  $400 travel awards 
are available to faculty who are presenting a paper at the conference.  
Deadline for abstract submission is March 1, 1995

Undergraduate Faculty Fellowships

Up to $4000 is available to undergraduate faculty of underrepresented
minority groups to enhance their research and teaching skills during summer
1995.  Eligibility  requirements include:
o	ASM member
o	Member of Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, African American
	or Pacific Islander
o	Full time faculty teaching undergraduate students
o	Not recipient of significant public/private funding or other ASM fellowship
o	US citizen or permanent resident

For more information and application, contact ihulede at or call
202.942.9295.  Application deadline is April 15, 1995.

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