(Fwd) Commercial id systems for Enterobacteriaceae

Giuseppe Cornaglia GIUSEPPE at borgoroma.univr.it
Thu Feb 9 11:48:21 EST 1995

>I am conducting an informal survey on preferred methods of identifying 
>Enterobacteriaceae spp, using the commercially available systems such as 
>Biolog, API, Enterotube, Crystal BBL, MicroBact etc.. (the main ones I can 
>think of at the moment.) 
>I would be interested to hear:
> a) which type you use and how often (if at all)
> b) how accurate are the results?
> c) why do you use this particular system?

>E-mail to me at youngsa at AgResearch.cri.nz

>Thank you for your time,


An open forum on this item would be welcome !

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