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A young  Chinese girl suffering from a mysterious infection that
causes progressive necrosis of her right forearm and left hand is
great concern in the whole country. After fighting the disease for
four months without any success, doctors in Beijing are appealing for
emergency help from colleagues arround the world.
The thirteen year old girl, Yang Xiaoxia comes from a poor farm family
Shangdong province in east China. The girl has been tortured by the
2mysterious disease for 8 months. The disease first began as a black
under a finger nail of her right hand suspected by a local clinic as a
wound caused by small stick or barb. A local doctor tried to get
ou8t of the black spot, but thing got worse. She began to suffer from
paronychiais and the infection soon spread to the whole right forearm
the mid-finger on her left hand.
After treatments in five different hospitals in provincial capital
had all failed, the girls parents took her to Beijing. She has
in a Beijing military hospital since early November, but the disease
continued to progress despite all out efforts by the city's most elite
doctors. The doctors have to amputate one third of her right forearm
and three fingers of her left hand. Although the spreed of the
s8eems a little bit slower, still there was no sign the infection will
What puzzled the whole medical community is that from the appearance of
the affected surfaces it looks like an infection, but the infection
failed to response to any exsiting antibiotics and hyperbaric oxgen
treatment. Bacterior cultures have always been negtive.
Officals of the city public health bureau have invited experts to probe
8into the mystirous disease and welcomes any suggestions from doctors
arround the world.
We will continue to update information on Yang Xiaoxia's condition.
I2f you have any suggestions, please send e-mail to the following
   Huangxd at BEPC2.IHEP.AC.CN
Dr. Xiangdong Huang
Institute of Medical Information,
27 Taiping Road,
Beijing 100039,

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