Silicone stoppers for airtight reactions?

Andreas Brune Andreas.Brune at
Sat Feb 11 08:03:42 EST 1995

malucero at (Mary Elyse Lucero) wrote:
>	I am preparing stock solutions for reagents to be used in a
>reaction with an oxygen sensitive enzyme.  I know that black rubber or
>butyl rubber stoppers are usually used for keeping solutions anaerobic.
>Does anyone know if silicone stoppers will work for this purpose?  How
>permeable to oxygen is silicone?

VERY permeable. Silicone is about the worst material you can choose
for anoxic work. Why would you want to use relatively expensive silicone stoppers
anyway? Standard black rubber stoppers will do the job pretty well; butyl rubber
is superior but not necessary in most cases.

I assume you will be using syringes to transfer the reagents from one vial
to another. For repeated puncturing, Bellco's black 'mushroom' stoppers for
crimpable serum-type bottles and tubes are probably most suitable.


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