Looking for articles on Cell Biology

RYBICKI, ED ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Mon Feb 13 05:02:27 EST 1995

> From:          houlihan at epix.net (Jerry Houlihan)
> Subject:       Re: Looking for articles on Cell Biology

He wrote:
> >> My sis is doing a report on Cell Biology and I'm wondering if 

I wrote:
> >Yes.  In the library.  This is in fact a serious group, devoted 

He wrote:
> I don't think my posting was, in any way, out of line.  I am 
looking for
> information about CELL BIOLOGY.....and not the shit you find in 
the public
> library in Lancaster, PA.....the kind of cutting edge stuff that 
> on the NET.  I hope you don't think that because you have a PhD 
after your
> name and get a free connection through your University, that you 
have any more
> right to participate on the Internet or in the Usenet groups than 
I do!  In
> fact, I probably have more of a right to be here since I PAY for a 
> and MY tax dollars go toward the maintainence and upkeep of the 
> America
> invented, built and payed for the Internet....NOT S. Africa....we 
just allow you
> to be a part of it out of the goodness of our hearts.  Now get off 
your high hog
> and go bother the make.money.fast posters!!!!!

I reply:
And I say, again, that asking for "cutting-edge information" on cell 
biology in this newsgroup is a waste of everyone time: the subject 
is vast, the information voluminous, and you have completely 
non-specific about what it is exactly you want.  Which leads me to 
the conclusion that you don't know, and would be far better served - 
as would your sister - by going and doing some preliminary reading 
on the subject, and THEN coming into what is a serious newsgroup 
with a serious question.  Not something of the "Gee, I wanna know 
everything about E coli" sort of thing.

And for your information, you only pay for your part of the 
Internet, which is a whole lot bigger than just the US bit of it 
(which is big, and came first, granted).  I pay for mine (tax 
rands).  You are connected to mine also.  Grow up.

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