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Ben26 (ben26 at aol.com) wrote in article <3hokji$64c at newsbf02.news.aol.com>:
:>Seems to me that the original poster's message was certainly applicable to
:>this newsgroup.
[much stuff deleted]
	Well, I must say that the original post is TOO GENERAL!!! Just 
having a question asking for articles on Cell Biology is not proper for 
this group, I feel! However, should there be a specific topic in Cell 
Biology (e.g. organelles in plant cells) than that would be a MUCH better 
	I do not want to get into a falme war, but let be civilized and 
be tactful when we try to correct someone on the nettiquettes of 
Internet. Cyberspace is a world for intellectual exchange! Cheers!

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