What's so funny about microbiology ?

Creg Darby cdarby at u.washington.edu
Tue Feb 14 01:24:07 EST 1995

alfi at iastate.edu (Alvarus S Chan) writes:

>Author:  Joachim Czichos, Title:  What's so funny about microbiology,
>Publishers:  Science Tech Publishers, 701 Ridge St., Madison, WI 53705.,
>ISBN # 0-910239-12-6 (english edition).
>I have contacted, barnes and noble, waldenbooks, and borders bookstores. 
>Non of these bookstores can get this for me.  Called the publisher's up and
>it appears they are out of business.  Our campus library and bookstore have
>also tried but with no luck.

Stores that sell new books are generally useless for out-of-print. Try 
your yellow pages and look for used book stores that advertise that they 
find rare and out-or-print titles. These stores have a network by which 
your local store often can find a copy somewhere. When they locate one, 
they'll tell you its condition and price.
Good luck!

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