Looking for articles on Cell Biology

Martin Latterich micro at mendel.berkeley.edu
Wed Feb 15 09:34:01 EST 1995

OK - I herewith declare this thread to be officially terminated. It's a
real pity to see that usually the threads with most posts are flame
wars - how about some cutting edge discussion about science, or picking
up on the long forgotten Journal Club?

As for inappropriate posts, I am generally committed to e-mail people
who make inappropriate posts and inform them why their post was
inappropriate. In the past this certainly has worked with great success
- I have never seen any more posts being made by certain people, or I
have seen apologies for inappropriate behavior from others - none of
which cluttered up the newsgroup or drew the focus of this newsgroup
away from science.

I suggest, that if people are unhappy with a letter posted here, they
should e-mail me, and I promise to look into the matter. Otherwise, the
simplest way to deal with such messages is to hit the delete key. 


                        Martin Latterich, PhD
                        BIONET.MICROBIOLOGY Discussion Leader
                        micro at mendel.berkeley.edu

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