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RYBICKI, ED ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za
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> Subject:       Re: Looking for articles on Cell Biology

> kevo at astro.ocis.temple.edu (KevO) wrote:
> >Ben26 (ben26 at aol.com) wrote in article 
<3hokji$64c at newsbf02.news.aol.com>:
> >:>Seems to me that the original poster's message was certainly 
applicable to> >:>this newsgroup.
> >[much stuff deleted]
> >	Well, I must say that the original post is TOO GENERAL!!! Just
> >having a question asking for articles on Cell Biology is not 
proper for> >this group, I feel! 

Seconded.  But maybe I said it first...

> A broad question demands a broad answer.....that's all I was 
looking for.

Too broad a question for this forum, I reiterate.  A LITTLE prior 
reading would have obviated the need for such a general - and to my 
mind, unfocussed - question.  And if my puppy hadn't woken me up so 
early I probably could have said it more politely.  But I would have 
said it anyway.

> I got a nasty, patronizing reply from some stuffy Doctor at 
biology department telling me not to clog up his important newgroup 
with broad> questions.  

Mea culpa, mea culpa...  But I really don't think - if we are 
getting into nature of replies here - that:

"Yes.  In the library.  This is in fact a serious group, devoted to 
the DISCUSSION of microbiology, not an information bureau." 

is REALLY that bad.  A tad admonishing, perhaps.  Not worth the 
diatribe about US ownership of the Net I got back.

> (I wonder if he flamed the people who started the 'Is Microbiology 
Funny' thread?)

No.  That was about MICROBIOLOGY, you see!

> This person then proceded to take our email discussion to this 
public forum where he must have known I would have to respond.
> Now there are several unrelated questions that everyone else has 
to see and skip over.

So maybe we both need to learn some Netiquette, Jerry.  And this IS 
a specific forum; there is also sci.bio.microbiology for the less 
seriously minded B-)
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