extremophile position

Margaret Romine mf_romine at pnl.gov
Tue Feb 14 17:53:39 EST 1995

I am looking for a someone to fill a post doc position who has some
experience working with extremophiles.  The position will not focus on
molecular biology techniques so please do not apply if this is your
specialty/interest.  The project is focused on identifying and
characterizing bacteria that will be used to treat wastes and in
optimizing of bioreactor conditions.  You need to have a strong background
in microbial ecology and physiology.  The position will require
coordinating with scientists that have microbiology, molecular biology,
and engineering backgrounds.  

Anyone interested should send a resume to:

Margaret Romine
Battelle Pacific Northwest Lab
PO Box 999, MS K4-06
Richland, WA  99352
Fax:  509-375-6666
Phone:  509-375-6427
email:  mf_romine at pnl.gov

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