Growth rates of anaerobes

Tue Feb 28 17:14:32 EST 1995

On 24 Feb 1995 kjell.fagerbakke at wrote:

> First of all growth rates are highly specific for species and will 
> also depend on temperature (and more). The nearest I can get 
> to your question is the fact that one glucose could be transfered
> to 38 ATP aerobically, wheras anaerobically this yield is 1-3 
> depending on fermentativ path way. In addition there have to be 
> accounted for some ATP for maintainence. This is written in all 
> textbooks about microbiology. It have been some years since I
> read them, so I am sorry if the numbers are wrong.
I thought anaerobic bacteria were capable of making lots (36?) of ATP by 
using alternative electron acceptors other than oxygen?  Anaerobes aren't 
strictly fermentative bugs, are they?
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